Sample Pickup Service (Courier Service)

Phase Separation Science offers a no cost “all day” courier service as a courtesy to clients within our service area. The Routine Courier Service Area map indicates the normal area of operation for this service. This range can be expanded but may incur an additional cost. The no cost pickup service requires that samples be ready for pickup at your office or project site by 9AM. The samples will be picked up sometime between 9AM and 5PM and delivered to the laboratory the day of the pickup.

Sample pickups can be accommodated at other times or transported to the lab on an expedited basis, but these services normally incur an additional cost. Please contact the lab for the costs associated with rush pick-up service or see the Rush Courier Cost table. Please note that if the samples are not ready upon the courier’s arrival, additional charges for wait time may also be incurred. See Rush Courier Cost table for wait time charges.

To schedule a no cost “all day” pickup, call our office at 410-747-8770, send an email to or fill out the request form below. For a set of directions to our facilities, click here. For sample deliveries outside of our normal business hours, please call a client services representative to discuss special arrangements. Shipment of samples is available throughout via UPS and FedEx.

All couriers are trained in proper chain-of-custody procedures for your convenience, but do not carry ice or coolers, so samples must be properly iced in a cooler for transport to the laboratory.

Courier Service Area

Blue = Routine Courier Service Area (no cost)
Green = Extended Courier Service Area (additional cost)

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To Schedule a Pick-Up

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