Sample Containers / Sampling Supplies Ordering

Phase Separation Science provides containers, coolers, labels and chain of custody forms as a courtesy to our clients. Since container requirements are highly variable and dependent on analytical and quality control requirements, we ask that you call your Phase project manager at 410-747-8770 to discuss the specific details. Alternatively, you can email the project scope to your Phase project manager or to our project management team at

For a fee, Phase can additionally supply a variety of commonly used expendable field sampling supplies such as tubing, bailers, deionized water for equipment cleaning and field blanks, and additional containers for field screening, etc. These items can be purchased in bulk or as project specific orders that can be included on your analytical service invoice to simplify project billing. Stock container and supply orders can be placed using the form below or by contacting a Phase project manager.

Ideally, orders for supplies should be placed far enough in advance to give the laboratory time to prepare the order and ship by UPS ground or by “all day” courier service (meaning the courier can deliver anytime between 9AM and 5PM). Container deliveries can be accommodated on an expedited basis, but these services normally incur an additional cost for shipping. Please contact the lab for the costs associated with rush container delivery.

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