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2 oz jars case (24)

4 oz jars case (24)

Liter Amber case (12)

40ml Vial Hydrochloric Acid case (72)

1 L glass wide mouth

1 L plastic

250ml plastic

Terra Core Kit for VOCs or TPH GRO (contains 1 methanol vial & 2 deionized water vials) $15.00/ea

Terra Core Plus Kit for VOCs and TPH GRO (contains 1 methanol vial & 4 deionized water vials) $20.00/ea

Medium Cooler (approx. 19"w x 11"d x 13"h)

Chain of Custody Forms


Custody Seals

Deionized Water - 1 liter glass container $10.00/ea

Tubing ® (1/8" ID x 1/4" OD) (Specially cleaned for TO-15 subsurface sample collection) $2.50/foot

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