Phase Separation Science analyzes soil samples that are regulated under a number of programs including the:

  • Brownfields sites for cleanup and redevelopment
  • Hazardous waste characterization for disposal and other wastes regulated under Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA)
  • Leaking Underground and Above Ground Storage Tanks (UST/AST)
  • Site investigations or confirmation sampling

Soil samples are analyzed for contaminants by EPA SW846 Methods (Test Methods for Evaluating Solid Waste, Physical/Chemical Methods) to determine if they meet state or federal cleanup standards under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). In addition to regulated cleanup levels, disposal facilities that take in contaminated soils have their own requirements.

TCLP is the appropriate leaching method when examining the leaching potential of a soil, water or waste in a landfill. The action levels are set regulatory limits for hazardous waste and can be found on line in 40 CFR 261.21-24. However, when determining the impact to groundwater or surface waters from material left in situ, it is more appropriate to use the SPLP (Synthetic Precipitation Leaching Procedure).




Ammonia, Nitrogen

SM 4500-NH3B, C, D, E or F / EPA 350.1


EPA 300.0

BTEX plus MTBE and Naphthalene

EPA 8021B / 8260B


EPA 300.0

Chromium, Hexavalent

SM 3500Cr B / EPA 7196A

Cyanide, Total

SM 4500CN E / EPA 9014


EPA 8290 / 1631

Dioxins (2378-tcdd only)

EPA 8290 / 1631

Extractable Organic Halides (EOX)

EPA 9020B / 9023 / 9078

Flash Point

EPA 1020A


EPA 300.0

Glycols (Propylene and Ethylene)

EPA 8015M

Herbicides, Chlorinated

EPA 8151A


EPA 6020A

Mercury, Elemental

EPA 3200

Metals, except Mercury

EPA 6020A

Metal, Mercury Cold Vapor

EPA 245.2

Metals, Priority Pollutant (13)

EPA 6020A

Metals, RCRA (8)

EPA 6020A

Metals, TAL (23)

EPA 6020A

Moisture Content

ASTM D 2216

Nitrogen, Ammonia

SM 4500-NH3B, C, D, E or F / EPA 350.1

Nitrogen, Nitrate

SM 4500-NO3D / EPA 300.0

Nitrogen, Nitrite

SM 4500-NO2B / EPA 300.0

Nitrogen, Nitrate-Nitrite

SM 4500-NO3E / EPA 300.0

Nitrogen, Total Kjeldahl (TKN)

SM 4500-NH3B, C or E

Oil and Grease

(Gravimetric HEM)

EPA 1664M / 9071BM

Paint Filter Liquids Test

EPA 9095B


EPA 8082A

Pesticides, Organochlorine

EPA 8081B

Pesticides, Organophosphorus

EPA 8141

pH - Corrosivity

SM 4500 H+B / EPA 150.1

Phosphorus, Orthophosphate

EPA 365.1

Phosphorus, Total

EPA 365.1 and 365.3

Polynuclear Aromatic

EPA 8270C

Polynuclear Aromatic

EPA 8270C

Priority Pollutant Pesticides

EPA 8081B

Priority Pollutant PCBs

EPA 8082A

Priority Pollutant Semi-Volatile

EPA 8270C

Priority Pollutant Volatile

EPA 8260B

Reactivity (Cyanide, Sulfide)

EPA SW 846-7.3

Semi-Volatile Organic

EPA 8270C


SM 4500-SO4C or D / EPA 300.0

TCLP/SPLP (VOC, SVOC, Pests, Herbs, Metals, DRO, ORO and/or GRO)

EPA 1311 / 1312 / Various

TKN, Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen

SM 4500-NH3B, C or E

Total Organic Carbon (TOC)

SM 5310B, C or D

Total Organic Halogens (TOX)

EPA 9020B / 9023 / 9078


EPA 8015C


EPA 8015C with 5030 prep




EPA 1664M / 9071BM

Volatile Organic Compounds

EPA 8260B with 5030 or 5035 prep

Compound/Element List with Routine Reporting Limits

Volatile Organic Compounds
Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds
Elemental (metals)
Pesticides, PCBs & Herbicides

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